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The ever-changing economic & business scenario has made it imperative for people from all walks of life to stay well-informed in their respective domains to effectively face competition. This requires reading, discussing, debating and at times seeking experts’ opinions. In order to meet this felt need in the world of finance, we present before you “Financial Experts Forum,” which offers endless opportunities for you to gain insights.

You can pose questions, discuss financial issues or seek an expert’s opinion on matters relating to finance through this online forum, which will cater to people belonging to professionals, students, corporate executives, academia, members of the press and others interested in the area of finance. The Financial Experts Forum will facilitate fruitful interaction between CFAs who are experts in different areas of finance and members of the public looking for specific information.

You can easily post your queries on topics pertaining to investment and finance. The queries will be addressed by empanelled CFAs having deep knowledge and wide experience in the subject concerned.

This service is being provided free of cost by the www.thefinancialanalyst.org website

Posting a query

As part of a user-friendly process, a link has been provided below on this web page to enable you to easily post your query. Along with the query, you need to fill up your personal and professional details such as name, designation, organization, contact number, e-mail ID etc. in the space provided.

A moderator will examine the query you submit and send it to a CFA for response. Normally it will take about 48 hours for us to respond to a query.

Please note that the expert knowledge that we share with you through this interactive forum is purely for the purpose of information. Though we believe that the information we provide is authentic and reliable, we do not guarantee its completeness, timeliness or accuracy in the context of your particular requirement. Therefore, the use of every bit of information that you obtain through this forum is solely at your discretion.

In any case, this forum is not intended to provide stock market or other tips for safeguarding your investments or for helping you with personal finance and tax planning.

Further, the information shared on this forum is not intended to serve as an offer or solicitation to anybody for any services or expertise or to provide any investment service or investment advice in any jurisdiction. In no event this forum or the empanelled CFAs are liable for any damage whatsoever that may result from recourse to this service.

The views expressed here by the CFAs constitute their individual opinions and do not necessarily reflect the views of institutional policy makers, the companies they represent or the hosts of this website:www.thefinancialanalyst.org

Having read and understood the above, you may now post your question at the end of this page.

List of experts

The CFA experts who handle queries figuring on this forum belong to an elite group of finance professionals in the industry, with several years of experience. Those currently on the panel are:

President (Equity) Religare Capital Markets Limited


  • Indian capital market
  • Equity market
  • Indian economy
  • Long term trends in Indian equity market 


  • Capital markets
  • Securities and Investments
  • Consumer, Media & Retail
  • Textiles, Cement, Banking & Restaurants

Senior Vice-President, Motilal Oswal Securities Ltd
Founder & CEO, Right Horizons


  • Business planning
  • Merger & Acquisitions
  • Retail financial tax and Investment planning


  • Global equity markets
  • Fund management
  • Global real estate securities analysis
  • Investment polici

Managing Director, Roulac Global Funds LLC
Executive Director - Investment Banking, JM Financial


  • Investment banking
  • Equity research
  • Indian capital market
  • Private equity space


  • Regulatory framework for securities market, including public issue processes
  • Project appraisals
  • Financial and securities analysis
  • Technical analysis
CEO, Ecofin Research Services


  • Investment banking
  • Financial analysis
  • Project feasibility
  • Macro-economic analysis
  • Major global exposure – the Middle East


  • Commodities broking business
  • Risk management
  • Marketing & Operations
  • Exchange --relationship

Managing Director, Kombench Financial Services
Project Head, Mott MacDonald


  • Project management
  • Business Research (in industries like Cement, Construction, IT, Real estate,  Steel, Textiles etc.)
  • Equity research and Investment management


  • Indian banking
  • Credit appraisal & monitoring
  • NPA (Non Performing Assets)

Assistant Vice President & Head-Corporate Banking Operations Axis Bank
Assistant General Manager, Karvy Stock Broking Ltd


  • Equity & Debt markets
  • Equity portfolio management
  • Credit management & Evaluation
  • NPA management


  • Business process and Quality control

Executive Vice-President, Peerless General Finance Investment Co.Ltd
Public Pvt. Partnership (PPP) Expert (AP), Asian Development Bank


  • Public Private Partnership expert
  • Infrastructure projects on PPP Mode 
  • Infrastructure projects form concept to commissioning
  • Financial modeling, Risk Analysis, Bid Process Management, Developing Feasibility Reports


  • Derivatives and capital market strategy
  • Structured financial planning

Senior Vice President-Client Strategies, ICICI Securities Ltd
Chief Executive Officer, Sahara Asset Management Company Pvt. Ltd


  • Asset management
  • Domestic equity funds, Offshore funds and Hybrid funds


  • International banking & finance
  • Capital market
  • Foreign exchange
  • Global funds
  • Investment banking
  • Fund management
Managing Director, Stanrose Mafatlal Investment & Finance Ltd.
Any Relevant Financial Expert:  In case you are not specific on posting a query to any particular Expert listed above due to any reasons like not being sure of the relevance of the subject to a particular Expert or if you feel that your query is general in nature hence you  wish to seek an opinion of any CFA Expert,  please write your query here and we will help you to get an answer from a relevant Financial Expert. Post a Query

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Joining the panel
In case you are a CFA and wish to be a part of the experts’ panel, we request you to write to the Chief Manager - Alumni Relations at info@thefinancialanalyst.org