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Manish Pandey, CFA

Managing Director, 
Kombench Financial Services

  • Commodities broking business

  • Risk management

  • Marketing, Operations

  • Exchange-relationship


Mr. Manish Pandey holds an MBA degree from IBS-Hyderabad.


CFA (2006)

   Professional experience

Mr. Manish Pandey is a talented management professional, with significant achievements in areas like trading and financial services. He has worked with Kotak Securities Ltd, one of the leading brokerage houses in India, as an Investment Advisor.

He has experience in the field of credit risk analysis and asset management and has worked with Ocwen Financial Solutions, a subsidiary of the erstwhile Ocwen Federal Bank FSB, a leading service provider of mortgage-based loans in the United States. His entrepreneurial endeavor, KOMBENCH, a financial services provider dealing chiefly in commodities trading, is a corporate identity formed by fusing together the professional and corporate aspirations of individuals who perceive value in every opportunity and risk.

His has sound fundamental knowledge about gold, silver and crude oil and has been tracking the dynamics of these commodities for about two years now. He has a good grasp of all facets of commodities broking business like Risk Management, Marketing, Operations and Exchange-relationship.

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