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The Financial Analyst Training Program  

The ICFAI University Alumni Relations team, as a part of its career development initiative for CFAs, has entered into an arrangement with Cygnus Business Consulting and Research to offer the Financial Analyst Training Program for qualified CFAs and those who have completed the Kappa group of the MS (Finance) Program. The objective of the Training Program is to provide hands-on experience in the areas of Business Research and Equity Valuation, in a corporate working environment. Participation in this Program will enhance the career and placement prospects of the CFAs.

Program Features

  • An opportunity to undergo training with Cygnus Business Consulting and Research for a period of three months, at its Knowledge Center in Hyderabad.
  • Learning through specially developed training modules that enable development of relevant skill sets in Business Research, Equity Valuation, and other related areas.
  • An opportunity to work along with the Cygnus team on live projects.
  • An opportunity to avail placement assistance.

    The Financial Analyst Training Program

    A good internship program enhances the application skills of the students leading to good placements. Thus, an internship is a stepping stone for getting a final placement with blue-chip companies. It helps in applying knowledge to work, developing application skills, and gaining practical experience. It is meant to bridge the gap between real-life business and academic learning. It provides students with relevant live projects that enable them to meet their professional goals, strengthen their knowledge and skills, and establish a network of contacts for exploring future opportunities.

    Cygnus Business Consulting & Research conducts a three month long intensive internship program called the “Financial Analyst Training Program” for CFAs to expose them to the corporate working environment and equip them with research and analysis skills. The internship program is carefully structured around individual career goals, keeping in mind the skill-sets currently in demand. The trainees are coordinated and supervised by experienced consultants and analysts.

    Program Objective
    The program is designed to achieve the objectives of imparting knowledge and skills as under:

    • Soft skills Business Information Search and Professional Presentation (1 week)
    • Business Research (3 weeks)
      • Scanning Business Environment
        - Macro-economic indicators and important economic Issues
        - Industry value chain, structure, major players, competition, growth drivers and issues and challenges
      • Business strategy analysis and understanding company business models
      • Analysis of operational, financial and capital market performance
      • Making investors’ presentation report
      • Understanding Indian and international equity markets
    • Equity Research (3 weeks)
      • Financial modeling using excel
      • Projections using operating metrics of the company
      • Company valuation using DCF and relative valuation, report preparation
      • Valuation perspectives including the impact of minorities interest and ESOP
      • Learning other valuation models: Implied Earnings’ Growth Model, Warren Buffet Valuation Model
      • Understanding SEC filings and financial restatement using IFRS (case discussion)
      • Understanding domain of private equity
      • Developing equity portfolio
    • M&A Research (1 week)
      • Scanning M&A landscape
      • M&A deal mechanics
      • Evaluating merger synergies
      • Report writing and case discussion
    • Debt Research (2 weeks)
      • Understanding Indian debt market instruments, players and regulation
      • Yield curve analysis and linkage to macro-economic indicators
      • Analysis of debt instruments using excel
      • Designing interest rate swaps including bootstrapping
    • Credit Research (One week)
      • Understanding techno-economic viability study for sanctioning bank loans
      • Management and technical analysis
      • Commercial and financial analysis
      • Report writing & case discussion
    • Derivatives Research (One week)
      • Understanding Indian derivatives market
      • Evaluating equity derivative instruments
      • Developing index strategies

Cygnus Business Consulting and Research

Cygnus Business Consulting and Research is a well-known knowledge services organization focusing on analysis and research of Economies, Industries, and Companies. The solutions and services that the company offers span the entire value chain of information, analysis, and research. Cygnus has built competencies in consulting and business research. A comprehensive suite of business intelligence products serves as a foundation for customized research and consulting projects. Cygnus covers a range of manufacturing and services industries.

For more information about the company, please visit www.cygnusindia.com